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Thank you so much! - Alicia S.
$10 Target Gift Card
Jay Heavin
Thank You so much - Neil S.
Thank you very much! Its not the 1.5 billion megamillan that someone in Florida won but I will gladly except it. - Raymond H.
Finally. Thanks for making it all work out. Every little bit helps these days. It will be spent on GrandDaughter's school supplies. - Roger T.
$100 QuikTrip Gas Station Gift Card
Thank you! - Lisa H.
Very thankful for this reward. I also remain hopeful to be selected for something more substantial. - Terry Z.
$12.00 Daily Dozen Cash
Dawn Obliskey
Thank you so much!! - Evelyn C.
Thank you PrizeGrab my favorite - Sandra R.
I have been playing every day for years. I’m so glad it paid off, literally. What a blessing! Psalms 41:1 - Shelley F.
Thanks for the 12.00 giveaway. I will put it on paypal. - Fabiana A.
Thank You.... I was actually beginning to think that this was a scam like everything else in my inbox these days. I will leave a good rating/comment anywhere and everywhere I can. Oh yeah, and I will most definitely enter to try at some more prizes to grab. Ya'll have a good day now. - Erin H.
Thank you so much - Bernadine D.
Love entering your giveaways every morning while drinking my morning cup of coffee. Started entering while waiting for surgery at SMH Sarasota. - Todd S.
Thank you very much. Any win is greatly appreciated. - Karen P.
Thank you so much. It is so much fun to win! - Jane M.