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Thank you. Can I get the cash instead? My brother recently bought a similar vacuum. - Donald M.
Thanks that help - Joseph R.
Thank You for the prize. I enjoy playing the sweepstakes everyday. - Pamela A.
Oh this is a nice surprise.... thank you! - Robert G.
Thanks! - Gary P.
Thank you Prize grab. This my first time winning on this site and so looking forward to winning more prizes. - Lawrence D.
Thank you for the notification of being a winner. Illinois isn't registering up on top. I posted it here and your email came thru. Thank you for the prize and to those making it possible to enter and play. - Peggy B.
Wow, I finally won a prize. Thank you! - Betty S.
Thank you so much!! - Brenda C.
I love all the prizes and the challenges on Prize Grab. I am so psyched to win! Thank you so much! Alex - Alex D.
$12.00 Daily Dozen Cash
Robert E
Thank you for my win! - Darrell S.
Thank you so much - Donna R.
Thank you so much! Still looking forward to the big one! $5,000! What a Godsend that will be! Thank you! Love your site! - Denise C.
THANK YOU !!! - RUAnn R.
Thank you so much!! - Kelli D.
Great to hear that I have won another prize from Prize Grab. Thank you! I enjoy playing and I will continue to play.! - Charlotte M.