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I am really surprised and shocked that I won something! - Connie K.
Thanks for the win! - William E.
Thank you! I never really expect to win, but am always hoping for a BIG WIN. I will definitely keep entering PrizeGrab - the best Sweeps out there. Once again, thank you so much. Dorothy - Dorothy C.
It feels great to win. I play everyday. I think this a Great game. Keep up the good work. - James W.
Thank you so much. It feels so nice to finally win. Sincerely, Carol Wright - Carol W.
Thank you , Bill - WILLIAM R.
Second 10$ win in 2 years woo woo. - James S.
Wow! My second win! Thank you Prize Grab! I will continue entering every day! Contessa Gossett - Contessa G.
$10.00 Gift Card
Jennifer Krouch
I enter this sweepstakes 4 times a day so it's nice to finally win. - Martha M.
I am so grateful to you all at PrizeGrab. The opportunity that you all provide for players to win a prize is amazing. Thank you PrizeGrab for this blessing. It has come at a much needed time. I will continue to participate (if weather allows) each day. Thank you for providing such a wonderful and enjoyable avenue to win such fantastic prizes. - Roy J.
thank you. I pay prize grab every day. I believe if you don't play you can't win. can this prize be cash instead of amazon? - Nancy O.
Sweet! Thank you much! - Zachary S.
This is the second prize I won from you guys and I hope to win again in the future. The only downside is with the virus and the shutdown I do not eat out much. At one time you gave the option of a prize or cash (check) for all prizes and some still say that. If this prize does not have that option, so be it, but if does I would rather have the check. I will continue to enter each day hope to win again soon. - Daniel M.
Member since March 3rd, 2018. First time winner, Thanks so much, I love entering for all prizes. - Willard C.
Oh my goodness! This is amazing! Thank you! - Marguerite L.
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Everett O Davis
Thanks a bunch!!! So happy to finally win something!!!!! - Jean F.
Thank you, greatly appreciated. - Ronald L.
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