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Thanks! Love Costco and LOVE PrizeGrab! - Betty K.
$10 Target Gift Card
I'm excited to finally when a prize. I have been playing for years! - Lynda B.
$12.00 Daily Cash Giveaway
Linda Heath
I can’t believe I won something! Thank you, Prize Grab. I’ll be spending this Amazon card pretty quick. So next time I’ll need a bigger prize. And I believe I will win! - Luanne L.
This site is so fun. Love to see winners every day❤️💕❤️ - Sharon G.
Prize Grab entries are fun and I enter every day and always strive to max out entries. I love the prizes that you offer. - Tiffany S.
THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW THAT I WON THAT $10 GIFT CARD FROM TARGET. I DO CHECK WINNERS DAILY BUT THAT MAY NOT HAVE BEEN THE CASE FOR A FEW DAYS A WEEK OR SO AGO AS I WAS AT HOSPITAL. Well, it is nice that you let e know. Thank you much... Enjoy a nice weekend... and if you are living in Mimami or better Dade county, I hope that all is well with you and family and friends. I was a Dade county resident until 1980 and fortunately no bloody hurricane came ashore! Be well! Gino - Gino L.
$10.00 Gift Card
Gary Hangartner
OMG! I won again!! Thank you to everyone at Prizegrab! You are all amazing!! - Sandra F.
Surprised to see my name listed as a winner again so soon. Thanks again TEAM. We PrizeGrabbers appreciate you for all the chances allowed to us players to win. Just list me as Barry H if you would. - B H.
Thank you for the target gift card Winner Bill Chambers - Bill C.
$10 Target Gift Card
Linda Rosenberg
$10 Target Gift Card
Diane Jolley
Thank you! My Amazon card will purchase something good to read. - Jane M.
Really love Prizegrab, this is my seventh win. - Larry E.
Thank you. Prize grab offers a much higher chance of winning and this makes the third time winning for me. - Kenneth C.