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$350.00 Cash
Gerald Youker
Thank you I’ve been needing good news!! - Brittany B.
$12.00 Daily Cash Giveaway
Glenn Willey
I'm so glad to receive this prize! Thank you for this! - Jessica D.
Thank you for sending me the $50 Altra gc. I appreciate this than trying to figure out which of all those code numbers that don't work most of the time as in my $10 Amazon prize! - Karen S.
I Love Prize Grab and play everyday and max out my entries! How delightful to have won! Thank You! Contessa Gossett - Contessa G.
$10 Target Gift Card
Margaret Cruz
$10 Target Gift Card
$12.00 Daily Cash Giveaway
Kathryn Holt
thank you very much.great fun winning a prize - RICHARD G.
wow I can't believe it!!! thank you again!!! - Matthew W.
I finally won! Yes! - Brenda J.
Thank you! - Michelle C.
Thank you very much. - Dean M.
Wow! I’m so stoked! I never win anything, Thank you so much! - Angela T.
Thank you for the opportunity to enter your sweepstakes. The gift card will come in handy to feed my grandchildren and friends after their sporting events, - Vicky M.
My fourth win, won a target gift card previously, it was difficult to use, would prefer cash instead if that is possible. Thank you!!!! - Kay V.
Wow, this is the second time I've won a 10 dollar amazon card. Thank you. I am going to continue playing, and maybe win even more. - Peter W.
Thank you for the $12 prize. I am living on a fixed income and it will definitely help. Thank you again! Judith Benedek - Judith B.