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Thank you for selecting me as a winner! - Karen H.
Woohoo!! I love Prizegrab!! Thank you so much for picking me for this gift card- love it! ❤ - Rolenda D.
Yah!! This is awesome! - Jessica H.
Glad to win, will continue to play and hope for a larger prize. - Deb B.
Thank you SO much! I really appreciate this gift card and will continue entering for other prizes. - Megan E.
Thanks so much for having these giveaways. - Janet W.
You are so right to encourage us by saying that the wins come when you least expect it! What a fun surprise this win is. Now on to bigger and better wins! - Silvana M.
Thank you for the notification email and the many entry opportunities! - Jeffrey M.
Thank you - Linda F.
Thank you so much I have been playing every day - Wanda T.
Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to more wins I hope! - Louis W.
Thank you Prize Grab for my wonderful Amazon gift card. So excited I won and have so much fun entering for prizes every day. Hoping can win one of the big prizes next time. Thanks for all your hard work and offering us a chance to win! - Mary Kay S.
Thank you. Cheered up a rotten day. - Debra J.
$10.00 Starbucks Gift Card
Clare Smith
Thanks for picking me. - Adam F.
thank you!!! - Cheryl S.
always a great chance to win. i stay dedicated an play everyday. - Donald Y.
Thank you so much!! - Ileana M.