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Oh my goodness! I am so excited to win this laptop. I don’t have a computer so this will be a blessing! Thank you so much. This is amazing. Thank you!!! Ellen Bell - Ellen B.
Daily $10.00 Target Gift Card
Esther Ingram
THANK YOU!! - Cheryl S.
Thank you! - GERALDINE W.
Thanks so much I really love playing PrizeGrab - Robert T.
Great news to end the week on! - Martin U.
Thank you so much! Is it possible to send me $10 via my PayPal in place of the gift card? If not, I will accept the Target gift card. Thank you! - Debbie D.
Thanks! It's about time to win some money. $50.00 is a good thing. Please send ASP. It's greatly needed.& I believe it was just another scam to get all my personal information and use it against me. How soon can I get the money. - Gregory B.
Thank you for the prize - Melisa B.
Daily $10.00 Target Gift Card
Stan Chandler
I am 81, housebound, Playing PRIZE GRAB has been a joy to play. It shows me this ole gal has clarity in my mind. Thank you for being part of my days. You have a great variety of prizes which one can choose from. God Bless your team of workers. - Joyce W.
I am so happy, Ya hoo. I love these game. I am so happy to have won. Thank you so much.😆 - Elizabeth G.
Thanks again, so much fun. - Mary S.
Thank you. - Jodie L.
$12.00 Daily Dozen Cash
Desiree Strait
Thank You for the Target tenner ! - Brian M.
My second win to date. Thank you once again Prize Grab !!! - Ernie R.
Thank you so much ! - Carol L.
Daily $10.00 Target Gift Card
Raymond Cook