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i can never think of anything to write, except thank you! - Dolores R.
Yea!! Finally won. Thank you Prizegrab - Sheila K.
Thank you, PrizeGrab! Daily play pays off, - Dennis O.
$10.00 Gift Card
James Hoare
Thanks guys, hope trhis is just the beginning of prize wins. I have been playing almost daily for over three years. - Jeffrey W.
Thanks - Gilbert T.
I am so excited that I won something. I never miss a day of entries. Thank you PrizeGrab! - Cheryl R.
Thank you for this Blessing I recently was terminated from a part time job in April and my other part time job occupation is shut down, will be one of the last to go back to work as is high contact while being considered nonessential - Laura R.
Thank you all very much... Been playing every entry every day since you all started in 2013... It's relaxing and gives me a nice few hours w/ a nice few cocktails...I'm addicted and this was a NICE surprise... Cheers !!! - Daniel K.
$10 Target Gift Card
Kim Johns
$10.00 Gift Card
Tom McMahon
Oh you people are the best. I have been playing only a few months and I won. GOD bless all of you there at PrizeGrab. Thank you so much. I pray that everyone wins something. Maybe next time I can win big money. Man with the world on hold with this virus. You bring sunshine. IN CHRIST, Cynthia. - Cynthia A.
Thanks for the card. Looking forward to doing some shopping, hopefully in the near future. Stay safe! - Janet C.
Feels great to win!! Never sure about the sites you go to until you actually see a result. Glad to have this site. - Ken K.
Thank you very much. I have been playing for a long time. - Dolores C.
$10 Target Gift Card
Steven Mixon
OMG! They said to keep playing, and I did, and I actuallu,finally,WON! Thank you so much Prize Grab! - Barbara B.
$10 Target Gift Card
Raymond Bowman