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Thank you so much it doesn't seem real am I in a dream ? I've entered so many drawings but never have won I was becoming so discouraged ! Yay!!!! - John R.
Thank you very much. Though only $10, makes me want to keep playing! - Wayne R.
Hey you all im so excited to win something from you. It has made my day ,I love all of you.GOD BLESS you all.I have tried to keep up the pace with you and im doing it, i am a very sick lady and im trying to win enough money to buy my daughter a car before im not around to help her anymore, so your all stuck with me as long as i live.Thank YOU so much i would love that 10.00 it means the world to me. JudyMontgomery - Judy M.
Thank you so much! God bless all of you at Prize Grab. Mahalo!!!!! - Rosalinda R.
$10 Target Gift Card
Steven Mazzara
I couldn't believe when I saw my name. Thank you PrizeGrab!!! BTW since I first joined PrizeGrab I got remarried. I must have forgotten to change my old name last name Word to my new last name Besemann. - Shelia W.
Thank you so much! - Bryan O.
thank you - Karl W.
After playing for over 4 years. I say THANK YOUUUUU - Valerie A.
I will take the cash!! "It feels good to win. Thank You, Prize Grab team." - Steve P.
Appreciate the win, Thank You - Sophia W.
Thank you PrizeGrab! This is the second time that I have won $50.00… it shows that you can win more than one time. - Dennis B.
Thank you so much. - Carl B.
This so exciting, to not only be a winner, but to show you can truly win , if you play everyday. My husband will be surprised . I feel elated! Thanks Prizegrab you all Rocked my day! Libby W. - Libby W.
I can't believe I've actually won!!! Thank you so much. I really love PrizeGrab (my favorite), so I'll keep on playing every day. Thanks again. - Dorothy C.