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Awesome! Thanks! Only the second time I've ever won. - Robert K.
Thank you, what a fun surprise!! - Sharon R.
Thank You, Thats Awsome !!!!!! - Mark T.
Thank you so much for putting the prizes on for people to win, it’s so exciting when you get a notification that you’re a winner. - Timothy M.
Thank you! I didn't think that I'd ever actually have my name drawn. Keep up the good work! - Steve B.
$300.00 Paypal Deposit
Ann Osborn
$10.00 Gift Card
Kristin Mahoney
Thank you so much. I have been entering Prize Grab for quite some time and this is my first win! What a pleasant surprise! Nancy K - Nancy K.
Thank you, I enter your contest everyday and I have won several times. I seem to have the better luck on your site than all the various other sweepstakes. Again thank you. - Richard M.
$10 Target Gift Card
Susan Arpin
Thank you for my prize!! I really appreciate it. This is the second time I have won at PrizeGrab! I feel very lucky! - Lisa H.
Thanks for the gift card - Fabiana A.
thank you i like winning - Gerald S.
Always a nice surprise!! - Pam Q.
Thank you so much! - Dawn J.
$10 Target Gift Card
Albert C.
$10 Gift Card
Lorrie Conrad
$10 Gift Card
Alan Lamon
WOW! A winner, exciting. Thank you for the opportunity and the prize! - Betty R.