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Thank you so much;. Can I get the cash instead of the Drone? - Miriam E.
I’m still trying for a BIG prize, Thank you for this one! - Dana M.
$10 Gift Card
Joe Kraman
$10.00 Gift Card
Diane Pearce
I was so surprised to see I had won! Thank you Prize Grab! Elvira Cook - Elvira C.
Hi Mitchell, What an unexpected surprise! (Well, I guess all surprises are unexpected; otherwise, they wouldn't be surprises!) Nevertheless, it is great news that actually won another prize at PrizeGrab. Years ago, I won a $10 Amazon gift card, and another $10 Amazon gift card a year or so ago. This is magnitudes better! Since I do have the option to requesting cash instead of a physical prize, I opt for the cash. Thank you for your great website with so many chances to win great prizes! - Joseph S.
$20.00 Walgreens Pharmacy® Gift Card
Bonnie LeBlanc
Thank you. So happy to win after playing for 2 years. Will keep trying to win bigger prizes! - Kathy L.
I am very grateful and excited! - Pam Q.
$10 Target Gift Card
James Curry
Thanks so much! Hope to win a big one soon. - Judy C.
Thank you very much. Your team is awesome. - Shirley T.
Thank you! - RANDALL K.
Thanks - Adam F.
$10 Target Gift Card
Colette Harrison
I actually won a prize. I don't expect this much from free giveaways that say I don't have to pay anything in return. So I thank Prizegrab for keeping their word. It does mean a lot. - Jeremy H.
$10 Target Gift Card
Deborah Stephansen