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Thank you so much! I have been praying for a way to fix my car. Now that i have won this prize it will make it easier to get it fixed. New tires is one of the things my car needs. This is a huge blessing and i cant thank you enough. You have answered one of my prayers. Thank you again and God bless! - Amanda M.
OMG can't believe I won thanks so much for being true to your word about your site. It's for real people - Leslie L.
thanks so much. it is great to finally win a prize. hopefully more to come! - Lee F.
thank you cannot wait for next time!! - Irving C.
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Wow, thank you. My Grandsons is going to love this... - Shirley G.
This is great as I never win anything & I always enter contest. - Francie K.
That's awesome, I never thought I'd win anything thank you - Tara A.
Hi, I just love Prize They gives me so many opportunities to win great prizes, and I love you guys too. Keep up the good work; in bringing these great prizes to us. Thanks again, for letting me win! Mary Martin, Chicago - Mary L.
I never win anything...this is amazing..I'm so grateful..god bless :) - Jamie H.
Holy cow!!! Absolutely unbelievable!! I am so thrilled, we just lost our dog & this will be soooooo appreciated by the whole family! Thank you!! - Pam M.
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Karyn Kivi
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Sharon Nyberg
Wow thank u ionly wish i can win some big money next time. Bobbie Ray love always - Bobbie R.
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Terri Cochran
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I am so happy to be a winner I never win any contest - Gracie T.
WoW Great it's my 3rd Time Winning ! Thank's I'm A Daily Entery unless i'm sick or in such bad pain that I don't feel like getting online ! I'll post a pic as soon as it comes ! Rob T South Bend, IN - Robert T.
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Henry Washburn
Thank you for the prize and for your sweepstakes website! - Roy P.