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You guys ROCK! I enjoy your site, it's kinda 'theraupetic' (sp?) and I am SO EXCITED TO HAVE WON! Please let me know when you send my check, I have some issues with the mail and will keep an eye out for it. Many, man THANKS! Atzi - Atzi T.
I am very glad to here from you and thank you very much. - Curtis G.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Susan H.
Wow I never really expect to win anything from these sites but still enter. Thank you very much Lisa - Lisa S.
YIPPEE! I finally won something. Thank you. - Gloria W.
If I really won this tv I have no words!!!!! I have tried every day for months I wanted it sooooo bad. There is no way I would ever even dream of being able to afford it. I am raising my ten year old grandson and am on disability so there is never even a possibility of owning this. Thank you more than I can even put in words!!!! - Britt J.
this is a real surprse. especially that my wife was a manager at starbucks for several years. they do have great products!!!! - Gerald Y.
Thank you!! - David C.
$10.00 Gift Card
Rhoda Shames
First time I've won anything - hope to continue winning more often! Thank you for the Prize! ( - Cheryl C.
I'm very happy I won, thank you! - Jennifer C.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! - Natalie S.
WOW. can't believe I won!!!.. Thank you so much for this. Really appreciate getting the Amazon Gift Card... I enter all your contests daily... Was hoping to win on day... Many thanks once more.... - Judy A.
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Steven Sloniger
Thank you so much for this prize! I've been entering multiple times every day for so long it's great to finally have a win! - Vicky L.
Thank you very much for selecting me a winner of $10 Amazon Gift Card ! I was very excited to be a member of Price Grab Winner. -Have A Great Day ! -Thanks gain. Vinh - VINH N.
Thank you😊😊 - Matthew E.
Great games and prizes. - David M.