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Thanks to prize grab for the prize. - Kathleen C.
Just AWESOME ... was I surprised ... Never thaought I'd be getting a Prize just bring on the next one. SL_Wizard Michigan - Robert W.
This is such wonderful news! Now I know for sure that real people do win! Thanks so much!!! - Colleen J.
Thanks so much Mark Sosa. - Mark S.
WOW Thank You So Much! I love Starbucks coffee, Thank You again, Lucinda - Lucinda C.
I don't belive I won! My son will love this! All that time paid off to see the smile that will be on his face! Thank you - Jessica C.
I can't believe I won! Thank you so much. You guys are great! - Sandra M.
I am really excited I have never won anything my hole life. Thank you so much. - Linnette G.
Could not believe my eyes. Had to read twice before realizing the email was true. Thanks so much! - Donna P.
Wow ! I'm truly shocked. I never win anything. This has really made my day.thank you - Tessa M.
Thank you so much! I am thrilled to have won the gift card! It will be put to good use. - Pamela C.
I'm super excited to get this type of news! Whether it's $5 or $1 million dollars, I'm still a winner. I think you all very much. I will continuously enter this sweepstakes for more opportunities.... - Katisha W.
Thanks for the Starbucks gift card. You have provided two while chocolate mochas in my near future. Slurp and yum. RP - Ron P.
Thank you so much! this will be a good day... marielouise... - Marielouise E.
$10.00 Gift Card
Daune Kissinger
Thank you, This card is great to get, I already enjoy Starbucks and this will just let me have a bit more. - David C.
Thank come in for kid. B-day. THANK YOU - Tressa G.
I am So Glad I Won I didn't even know I Won. - Deborah J.
Thank you very much. - Terry C.