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Ny name is Elsie Anderson. I have custody of my 17 year old grandson and my 4 year old great granddaughter. There is no way I could afford a 55in tv but I won this one on It is real thank you your heaven sent. - Elsie A.
Thanks - Ana C.
Thanks so much. Sorry I am so late reponding. - Karen K.
thanks!! & marry xmass - Tim E.
OMG - Great surprise!!! Thank you so much for the gift card!!! - Tarsheka H.
Never thought I'd win anything. Thanks Prize Grab! Terry - Terry G.
I'm sooo excited to win this Amazon gift card so close to Christmas!! Thanks! - Wanda T.
Thank you 4 the notice telling me I win the $10.00 Starbuck gift card I going Use it 2 get a Caffee up one morning - Bill W.
Thank you so much!!! - Jared R.
$10.00 Gift Card
Zoe Lancrete
I enjoy playing prize grab every day, I can't believe I won. Thank You so much for this oppurtunity. Right on - Brandy W.
Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited!! I enter every day for everything!!! Maybe I'll win something else!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!! - Janet B.
I enjoy entering the Prize Grab contests. I enter as often as I can, or at least every day that I am home and have access to my computer. I like the prizes that are offered. I will continue to enter as often as I am allowed. Thanks for the prize. - Bertha K.
Thank you, I finally won something! - Joseph D.
I am overwhelmed with WINNING!!!!! Thank-You sooo much!!!!! I'M trying to win for my Granddaughter a Birthday gift!!!! : - ) Bama B. Altom - Bama A.
Thank you so much. Never have had a pair of good sunglasses and I know I will enjoy them. Prize Grab is the greatest. - Pam W.
Awesome! 😄 - Gretchen W.
Thank you I'll use this to take my kids for hot cocoa for Christmas - Julie S.
Just AWESOME ... was I surprised ... Never thaought I'd be getting a Prize just bring on the next one. SL_Wizard Michigan - Robert W.