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I can't tell you how glad to get the $100 gas card. Ii will come in handy this time of year. Keep up the good work you guys do to make everyone's day!!! - Earl H.
WOW!! Thank you. I appreciate this to no end. thanks again don - Donald R.
$10.00 Gift Card
Karen Belsome
Thank you - Michael A.
$10.00 Gift Card
Jerry Fisher
~~~~ Top of today to ALL YA WONDERFUL AMAZING People whom make Prize Grab all Possible day after day. ~~~ I wanted to shout out my love and appreciation to everyone behind the scenes , you know whom you are, ya you! anyways thank you for all the continuous support i get from y'all every day , thru each and every email. which keeps my spirit high when the journey may seem dark , pointless and a continued highway of failed endless submissions, YOU KEEP ME FULL OF SUCCESS. YOUR AWESOME! - Noah P.
This is the wow factor, thank you! - Paul C.
$10.00 Gift Card
Robert Robinson
Awesome news!! Thank you. - Richard F.
Thank you, PrizeGrab! I'm delighted to win a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card. I'm an avid PrizeGrab Sweepstakes player and look forward to the day I see my name as a winner of a major cash prize! I will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks again to the PrizeGrab Team. Sincerely, Gina Snow - Gina S.
I Got Up This Morning To Wonderful News From Hope ... I Was Sharing The Post With Tags and Didn't Hear My Name Called WOW What A Blessed Day Thank You Prize Guys and The Rest Of The Staff it Is greatly Appreciated I am On Full Watch and Shared With Everyone I Know ..THANKS AGAIN Sincerely Debra Seabourn - Debra R.
Thank you - Thank you! - GAYLE S.
Looking forward to enjoying McDonalds on my travels with my job. - Timothy J.
Thank you so much. I can not wait till the big money giveaway. I could definitely use it. - Christopher C.
Thank you! - Becky M.
Thank you so much, I keep entering, some money would be nice too - Vicky B.
Thank you so so much!! Never thought I could win and I did!!! You guys are the real deal!!!! - Heather K.
Thank you so much I have never won anything in my life I am a grandmother raising 2 granddaughters and one needs shoes now they started school today. So thank you so much - Jeannie T.