NOVETE Compact Dishwasher

NOVETE Compact Dishwasher

Enter now for your chance to win this $360.00 NOVETE Compact Dishwasher or take the cash. 10 entries allowed per day. No purchase necessary. Winner Guaranteed. See Official Rules.

Enter to win a $360.00 NOVETE Compact Dishwasher! You choose if you are the lucky winner. This is your chance to wash dishes quicker and easier!

This is a limited time opportunity to win.

Barbara D. of Aurora, MO also won a previous KitchenAid sweepstake. She wrote to the PrizeGrab team, "I was so excited to find out that I won the KitchenAid stand mixer I could hardly wait for it to arrive. Needless to say, when I came back from a Doctor's appointment today, and it was sitting inside waiting for me, I already knew ahead of time what I had planned on making. I now have a nice fresh loaf of banana bread that my husband was looking forward to enjoying since he found out I had won! I am looking forward to making lots of healthy vegan goodies to eat in the years to come!

This NOVETE Compact Dishwasher does not require any installation. This supports 2 water supply modals and fits up to 12 dishes. Rest upon a counter-top, a full-cycle only takes 29 minutes.

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